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Do The Jerk-ey! L.L.C. explains how their jerky came to be, and why they feel it beats the competition…

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 9.36.36 PM[1]Lynda and Marcia are fans of the old Western movies – John Wayne, Clint Eastwood (Marcia just calls them The Duke and Clint, of course.) In their opinion, you can’t really call yourself a true “cow-person” (wanna-be) unless you’ve eaten jerky and tried riding a horse. “Tried” being the operative word in their case, but that’s another story. Marcia had always wondered what real jerky tasted like; the kind that The Duke would eat if he were wrangling on a ranch today. It just didn’t seem that the different kinds of jerky that she was buying from the grocery store met her imagination’s idea of “real jerky.”

DoTheJerky1So they decided to figure it out on their own. Lynda & Marcia purchased a dehydrator and started the experimentation process. They decided that it was very important to create a jerky that was as natural as could be and as healthy as possible – sparing no expense in using the leanest cuts, the lowest fat in the ground meats, and only the necessary amount of preservatives in anything they did. They also decided that everything should be homemade in their own kitchen. This was a very time consuming adventure, and as they went along experimenting, they shared our discoveries with neighbors, friends, and work associates. Their discoveries included gourmet jerky, not limited to the traditional “beef jerky.” Some of their noted discoveries have been super spicy jerky such as their jalapeno and habanero jerky. Their wild meat jerky, black angus beef jerky, jerky links, and turkey jerky with pepperoni are now amongst some of their best sellers. So you see, after awhile, Lynda and Marcia found themselves filling request orders. Yes, folks, their dream has come to pass. Seems these two ladies had finally discovered the jerky that matched their image of the old West. And people liked it. Hence, “Do The Jerk-ey!” was born.

Of course, not everyone likes jerky, or can eat jerky for one reason or another. So, Lynda began experimenting with other things such as trail mix, cranberries, chocolate, cashews, non-salted items, and the raisin/grape varities – which require no preservatives at all. Today “Do The Jerk-ey” LLC Jerky Company can still be found at farmer’s markets, wine festivals, and fairs all around Virginia peddling their premium quality jerky and healthy snacks and treats.

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 9.39.46 PM“We are very satisfied with the products that we sell here at “Do The Jerk-ey! We guess all that time spent watching those old Western movies has finally come full circle. As we ride off into the sunset (or try to ride off into the sunset) to make some more jerky for you, we leave you with this: Thank you for visiting our kitchen where we put a little heart, a little soul, and a lot of taste into everything we make. Now come back, ya’ll. We hope to see you dancing very soon” – Sincerely, Lynda & Marcia