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Quality is paramount at Do The Jerk-ey and each and every piece of gourmet jerky is handmade using the very best ingredients to deliver the great taste sensation that Do The Jerk-ey is renowned for.  Our exotic jerky, dried meats, trail mix, and high protein snacks have been dazzling Virginia farmers markets and fairs since 2007.

Today anybody wishing to taste our delicious beef jerky can do so by a few clicks and keyboard strokes. Our online jerky business brings the county fair straight to your doorstep. We encourage you to try some of our signature jerky –  including our jalapeño and habanero spicy beef jerky, turkey jerky with pepperoni, and our wild meat jerky such as buffalo, elk and venison jerky and sticks. By the way, if you aren’t particularly carnivorous, we offer other healthy snacks and treats –  including premium trail mix, dried fruits, and red seedless raisins.

We have one goal at Do The Jerky: To bring you the best jerky experience you’ve ever had.  We spare no expense in using the leanest cuts, the lowest fat in the ground meats, and only the necessary amount of preservatives in anything we do. Everything is handmade in our own kitchen.

Thank you for visiting our kitchen where we put a little heart, a little soul, and a lot of taste into everything we make. Now come back, ya’ll!

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Premium Jerky


Sliced and ground beef, turkey and venison jerky.

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Specialty Jerky


Seasonal offerings of sliced and ground buffalo and elk jerky.

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Trail Mix


Variety of raisins, cashews, chocolate and cranberry trail mix.

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Variety Packages


Best way to try out a variety of jerky offerings in one package.

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